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  • individual and group coaching, if you want... if you want...

    • more effectively manoeuvring in today’s complex reality;
    • coaching an executive starting a new position;
    • reframing a situation with a collaborator;
    • developing an executive’s skills;
    • dealing with a behavioural problem that is affecting the organization (e.g.: drug or alcohol abuse, self-determination, self-control);
    • fostering the sharing of best practices;
    • creating a network of mutual assistance and support among executives.
  • practical training, if you want... if you want...

    • developing your management team’s interpersonal, leadership and management skills;
    • training sessions reflecting your organizational reality;
    • seeing tangible results and fast knowledge transfers after the training;
    • optimizing your return on investment by creating links between training programs;
    • ensuring the right fit between the content, the training exercises and the latest technological tools.
  • contribution management program, if you want... if you want...

    • reviewing how you monitor and ensure the optimal contribution of your collaborators and work teams;
    • ensuring the achievement of your strategic objectives;
    • fostering the development of competencies within your organization.
  • competency and succession development program,
    if you want... if you want...

    • offering your management team a competency development curriculum;
    • preparing your succession and steering your high potential collaborators toward the most optimal career path;
    • establishing a new management culture.

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